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Our passion lies in the creative and innovative process of bringing your ideas to life through Architecture. We partner with our clients to understand their project goals and leverage our experience to incorporate all necessary requirements of the Architectural process. We invite our client to be as engaged as they want to be, in every step of the process.


We believe in honesty at all times in project and client relationships. We work with the highest integrity, honoring our commitments and adhering to safety and code requirements.


Through our work, we hope to improve awareness and understanding of the Architectural process and support and contribute to the beauty and sustainability of our neighborhoods and communities.


  • Ideas

  • Concept

  • Design


  • Systems

  • Technology

  • Solutions


  • Tangible

  • Unique

  • Sustainable
Alexander A. Mireles
Alexander A. MirelesAIA, NCARB

Alex has a love and a deep appreciation for the art of structure and design. He has spent his life and career studying and practicing Architecture.

Alex holds a Nevada Contractors License, 15+ specialty certifications, a master’s degree in Architecture and his Nevada State Architect License.

Right out of high school, Alex learned the in-and-outs of construction. He worked as a builder on large construction projects. He went on to earn his contractor’s license at nineteen and developed a passion for the techniques and science of Architecture theory. Alex earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Architecture at UNLV.

During his tenure at UNLV, Alex teamed up with some heavy hitters of Las Vegas Architecture. He designed for the Architectural firms Wells Pugsley Architects, Moser Design Studio, and Swisher Hall Architects. Once Alex attained his Architect’s license, he managed and designed for large scale community projects such as Terminal three at McCarren Airport and the Legacy Charter Schools. He also designed a host of high-end custom homes in the Las Vegas area. Alex is an expert on the technical aspects of the building systems and a Master of Design. He leverages a variety of cutting-edge software programs to explore new and innovative ways to bring his ideas to life and improve the Architecture process.

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